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The Red Light Therapy pads are an essential part of our equine management program. We wouldn’t be without them.

Megan JonesOlympic Silver Medalist

The Red Light Therapy Wrap is an integral part of our daily management program. Used before and after work on my horses and myself, the benefits speak for themselves.

Hayley BeresfordOlympian

My horse “Sheer Etiquette” failed the trot up for the FEI Grand Prix due to a laminitis issue. I asked Susan Poole from Red Light Therapy Kits for help using the new Equine Red Light Therapy Wrap. By 7am the following morning the horse was sound and passed the final trot up with flying colours.
We went on to compete in both the Grand Prix and the Grand Prix Freestyle with no sign of restriction. Aside from my horse I also used the Therapy Wrap to treat my own back & neck and found it to be incredibly effective! I now highly recommend Red Light Therapy for any human or animal needing to alleviate inflammatory pain.

Susan PaixGrand Prix Dressage Rider/Trainer and Coach

I am a full time therapist for horses and pets, I’ve been using photonic therapy for many years and it is an integral part of every session. However, the therapy wrap adds a whole new dimension.

Robyn Larson-SheltonEquine and small animal therapist

"Proof is in the pudding”. Since the purchase of the Equine Red Light Therapy Poll Cap, the reactions from every horse I have used it in on during my massage treatments is mostly the same. A doe / relaxed eye, dropping the head and a series of rolling yawns, which is what all bodyworkers strive for during a treatment. This unit specifically targets tension which a horse can carry around the poll, TMJ / mandible region and also activates various acupuncture points which if not treated, can lead to referred pain or tension in other areas of the horse’s body.
Best purchase of 2018!

Melanie TurnerEquine Therapist

Carrying as many injuries as I do, the pain and lack of suppleness in my body is a seriously limiting factor to my horses performance. Since using red light therapy on myself prior to getting on my horses, my marks have improved as I am no longer riding though pain.
I thoroughly recommend the Premium Red Light Therapy Wrap for both horses and humans.

Sonya JohnsonOlympic Silver Medalist

Meet Ros Maindok from Equine Functional Solutions here in Perth WA. Ros discusses how she uses the red light therapy pads successfully for a multitude of issues in both horses and humans. She is a huge advocate for Red Light Therapy due to her extensive experience with the system.

I hired a red light pad a couple of years ago after having pneumonia. Sue recommended I use the pad on my chest. It was amazing!! The chest pain relieved and I could breath better within minutes. Needless to say I bought the pad!

It gets such a work out between myself, my old cat who has major hock damage – (she loves it), the dog with hip issues, and myself for all sorts of variety of body pain (joys of fibromyalgia) plus chest pain when I get really sick.

Bec FlavelLove my pad!
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Queena lee
Queena lee
Got a premium size for my golden retriever Harry , he is suffering from osteoarthritis . He absolutely loving it . End up I love it too . Sue is very friendly and answering all my questions. Highly recommended
Tania Davies
Tania Davies
I have been impressed on all levels with this company and their products. The delivery was fast, instructions very clear and the personal touch has been welcomed. I would highly recommend purchasing from this Australian company.
I have been using my red light pad for years now. I use it every day it keeps my niggles at bay and has helped me to continue to complete in Ironman at 46 years of age (3.8km swim, 180km bike 42km run) with my most recent being at the World Championship in Kona October 2023. I use it all over my body and its also brilliant for period cramps. Its also very good for travelling as you can plug it into your car and use it whilst on the move. I would highly recommend it to anyone its fantastic. Thanks Sue your a champ :-)
Tim Newick
Tim Newick
Cracka service and an awesome product, ya gotta get one, for any ailments ya got. Bought it for my knee, now the wife steals it off me for her aches and pains.
francesca elischer
francesca elischer
Honestly don't go anywhere without mine. I absolutely love it! And the service is great too. Can't recommend highly enough.
Guy Ridge
Guy Ridge
I use the red light therapy mat after footy training and games, its great for recovery!
Eileen Ridge
Eileen Ridge
I have loved my Red light pad for many years, I use it daily. I lay it on my chest to avoid coughs and colds before sleep, and on any ache/pain I have, mainly neck and shoulder from dog handling! Such a fantastic, simple and effective tool for self care. Thank you!
Lou Davies
Lou Davies
Thank you soooo much Sue. I have been suffering from bursitis and a frozen shoulder for 3 years, wake up in the middle of the night in pain, reach for my red light pad and ahhhhhh. Works instantly. Back to sleep. No medications. Then it's the impinged hip.. and... on it goes. Not only that, my family gets the red light Therapy and that makes me the best mum in the world.😁 I'm in love with this product. Thank you Red Light Therapy thank you Sue.
Mama Ofthree
Mama Ofthree
it is horrible
B Jones
B Jones
I absolutely love these products!!! I own Connect the Unicorn LLC, and use especially my poll cap in every treatment. The benefits are extraordinary! Sue is a absute joy to work with, the customer care and service is outstanding and in in the US!
Fast Healing Effect of Red Light Therapy Kits
Fast Healing Effect

Dr P Benstein

This red light therapy pad has helped my labradoodle so much. He is now 13 years old and at times he suffers from joint pain and drags his legs. I didn't want to give him pain killers so I bought the pad to give it a try. It was amazing.

This red light therapy pad has helped my labradoodle so much. He is now 13 years old and at times he suffers from joint pain and drags his legs. I didn't want to give him pain killers so I bought the pad to give it a try. It was amazing. Not only does he enjoy lying there with the pad on him, he also gets up from the experience and even looks much younger. The other day a woman called him "puppy" because he was so fast and agile.

The positive results have inspired me to use it also on myself, especially in the neck-shoulder area after a day of marking essays. I cannot recommend the red light therapy kit too highly. The healing effect is fast. In a mysterious way the light penetrates to a deep layer in us that is made of a finer substance. Thank you, Susan, for developing such an effective and versatile product.

Alison Rowland show jump rider
International show jump rider, trainer and coach

Alison Rowland

I am still very much a beginner with red light therapy but I can certainly feel the difference when they have been treated. Our horses put in so much effort for us, I’m pleased I can make them feel more comfortable and hopefully enjoy their work.

Shortly after purchasing my Photonic Therapy Torch I competed at the Perth Royal show in the show jumping. Mister Expert and Noblewood Park Calypso competed in the Grand Prix on the Monday. For Calypso this was the 4th start in 4 days, Mister Expert his 3rd start. They were getting tired but I had been so busy I forgot about the torch. On the Monday I thought I really should work on them before the class. I was still learning the basics of the therapy at this stage so I worked on the 9 standard points and then slowly ran the torch along their backs, over their hindquarters and down the hamstrings, not really knowing what I was doing. When I started to warm them up I was amazed, they both felt better than they did the first day. Mister Expert jumped out of his skin and won the Grand Prix and Calypso was 4th, he was clear both rounds but had a time fault in the 2nd round, rider error!

I am still very much a beginner with red light therapy but I can certainly feel the difference when they have been treated. Our horses put in so much effort for us, I’m pleased I can make them feel more comfortable and hopefully enjoy their work.

Karly Elliott Endurance Horse Recovery
Endurance Horse Recovery

Karly Elliott

I for one highly recommend these Red-light therapy kits after the lovely mare I lease rolled her fetlock on our first attempt of an 80km at Greenhills 2017. I started Red Light therapy twice a day for 2 months every day ,for 10 min each time. In her two month check up she was 80% sound.

for one highly recommend these Red-light therapy kits after the lovely mare I lease rolled her fetlock on our first attempt of an 80km at Greenhills 2017. This was her first season of endurance and was absolutely loving every minute of being out on track. Unfortunately, as soon as I felt her uneven gate I knew something was wrong. However, her can do attitude was, I’ve got this I’ve got three other legs and ears were forward wanting to go I jumped off and waited for the rescue float.

After ultrasounds and X-Rays, the vet said she will need a minimum of 6 months off. I was devastated, not because I couldn’t ride her, because I felt so responsible for this little mare rolling her fetlock. I started researching what I could do to help heal her and decided I would try Red Light therapy, after the first Initial couple of weeks icing.

I started Red Light therapy twice a day for 2 months every day ,for 10 min each time. In her two month check up she was 80% sound. The vet was shocked how fast she was recovering. Fast forward to the 4-month check-up, she was completely sound with appropriate testing being completed. Now I guess you could say maybe the sprain wasn’t as bad as first diagnosed, but I truly believe it was with help from this wonderful product. Now for a very slow legging up period and our return to season in late 2018

After hearing so much positive feed back from overseas on red light therapy I decided to buy one of the Red Light Therapy pads and torch. I love the Red Light Therapy Pad! I use it ALL the time. It is great for all sorts of aches and pains, injuries and wounds and so easy to use. I can strap it on a leg or pop it under the halter around the poll area or wherever and carry on with my massage and stretching while the Red Light Therapy pad is working. I have also personally tested it on myself and it was a great relief after an accident.

I find I am using it more than my heat packs now as it’s just so much easier to use. The horses don’t mind it either and the results speak for themselves. After using it on an area I find it is easier for me to do a bit of deeper work on the horse as the area is already feeling softened and warmed up.

I recommend the Red light pad to all horse owners as a safe and effective product.

Sarah Linton, EEBWEquine Therapist and Saddle Fitting
Treatment for humans and animals

After being diagnosed with tendinopathy in my knee, the limitations it presented in maintaining fitness, while still being able to compete at an optimal level with my dogs without pain was challenging. Since using the Premium Red Light Therapy Wrap, the inflammation in the tendon has resolved within an impressively short space of time and I am able to run pain free again.

I also use the red light therapy on my dogs Liryk and Edge both pre and post trialling, increasing their performance and reducing their recovery time. The Red Light Therapy Pad is now an integral part of my dogs pre performance and recovery regime.

Megan Bell-JonesMulti award winning Agility Dog competitor and trainer

I bought it for my eventing horse but use it more on myself. It was a great help on my hip recently after a hip replacement.

L QuartermaineBest thing I’ve ever bought

I purchased my red light therapy pad from Susan 5 years ago. My horse uses it. Both my dogs have used it. My 17.5 year old poodle used to have a treatment every day for her hips. I use it. My man uses it and even had Friends use it and then purchase their own.
Couldn't recommend this pad any higher. Never regretted purchasing it! Still in amazing condition considering the amount it has been used. Thanks Susan Poole

Belinda RileyCouldn’t recommend this pad any higher.

I admit I thought this was a fad but after my horse injured his hock 3 months ago I tried everything ice, tuff rock swell down you name it I contacted Sue who suggest the pad. I’m so glad I did as we have just had the all clear to start light work. I was originally told 6/12 months out of action. This device has turned that around to just 3 months back to light work.

R PuttHock Injury

I've just spent a week in hospital with serious complications from a heart procedure. My pad came along with me and stabilised so many issues. It was great to see nurses , and even some doctors, were really interested in what I used it for.

Robyn RHeart Procedure

So good, I used mine in hospital after my c section and so many nurses and my OB were impressed. Best therapy product available ❤

Z LamberthBest therapy product available

Anytime when my husband's back and shoulder plays up, he just puts it on then the problem dissipates. And for my wrist and fingers, it is just brilliant. We use it even when we don't have any pain and notice our problems don't play up as often, and take much less time to heal.

As for my mother-in-law, she has been using on her knees, and is walking more now. Her physio therapist notices how much she is better too! My mother in Hong Kong has not been using it as often as we do. So she doesn't notice the dramatic changes like us. However, I am sure when she keeps on with it, she will get good results too.

Thank you so much. I am so glad that I found your website.

VivArthritis and general pain treatment

Dear Sue,
Thank you. I’ve been using the head/neck/shoulder wrap for 6 weeks and a few days now. Most days I use it for 2 hours. My head is much clearer and memory continues to improve. My virus friend continues to stay away (hurrah) and my R shoulder with its tendinitis, bursitis, tendosinivitis, and mild degenerative arthritis is gradually becoming less painful.

I am recommending you far and wide!

G CrennanMental clarity and general inflammatory pain

Hi Sue,

Here is a story from last week that totally blew me away – we would have been in trouble without the torch. Owner also did some very firm abdominal massage. I had an amazing experience with the torch. We were at a stud trimming, when suddenly an 18 month old filly went down with acute severe colic – just from being fine to throwing herself on the ground and rolling within minutes. Vet over an hour away and no drugs on site.

I ran to get my torch and treated her in between dodging flying hooves. Mainly got St2 and Bl20-21. In minutes she was standing so I could finish the points, and slowly her gut sounds returned and HR dropped. She was still in the endorphin relax an hour later when we left but had picked at a bit of chaff and was grazing back in the paddock later that day. She was perfectly fine the next morning. WOW!

I treated another colicky horse today – not as severe but heard the gut sounds get going.

Alina – BusseltonColic recovery