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Frequently asked questions

answered by an Exercise Physiologist

Why use the red and infra red wavelengths?

Much research has been done on the therapeutic effects of certain wavelengths. It has been found that the red light 660nm wavelength and the infrared 830nm have the most benefits for; stimulating circulation, ATP production, regeneration of RNA and DNA, promoting collagen growth, endorphin release and lymphatic drainage.

Does the output strength of the LEDS matter?

Yes! Our Therapy Wraps have been engineered to deliver the maximum safe output from a rechargeable lithium ion battery. Greater power output shortens the delivery time of a therapeutic dose which is researched to be between 4 to 8 joules of energy per cm2”.

How long does the battery last?

As there are a range of batteries used in our various products, please consult the individual Instruction Manuals for specific information on your battery.

Important note – All the Red Light Therapy Wraps/Pads are powered by rechargeable lithium ion batteries. These batteries are engineered to give hundreds of cycles of use before needing to be replaced. Lithium ion batteries need to be kept charged up especially if stored for long periods of time. It can damage the batteries if they are continually run to ground before being recharged. Please consult the Instruction manual!

Can I cause any harm by over use?

Basically no. However if your animal is showing signs of agitation then stop the treatment. Animals rarely react negatively with this treatment however if they really don’t need it they will let you know by being unsettled. Leaving the Therapy Wrap on for too long will not cause any harm.

Why can’t I see the Infrared lights?

Because the infrared wavelength spectrum is outside what can be picked up by the human eye we are unable to see them. You can check they are working by viewing the pad through a camera lens. If the red lights are visible the infrareds are working!

I’m worried my horse will damage the unit when on his leg.

If this is a concern then wrap a float boot or similar over the Therapy Wrap once it is place for added protection.

Should I stay with my horse or dog when they are being treated?

Absolutely! Never leave them unattended when using the Therapy Wrap.

Are there any instances when I shouldn’t use the Therapy Wrap?

Yes! As the effect of light therapy on an unborn baby has not been researched it is recommended not to use the pad over a pregnant area. It is not recommended to use the pad over heavy bleeding. Using light therapy over cancerous tumours and hyperactive thyroid glands is a point of conjecture. Due to the pads not being TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) it is recommended not to use the pads for these issues. There is research indicating light therapy can indeed have a positive effect for balancing the body in such circumstances.

Is it safe to look at the lights?

Yes. The output is well within safe optical limits. However if using the pad directly over the eyes it is recommended as a precaution to place 20cent coins in the eye sockets, or wear an eye mask.

Can I use ointments under the Therapy Wrap?

No. It is best to apply any topical ointment after the treatment session.

How can I use the Therapy Wrap on tricky areas to use the straps on myself or my dog/horse?

By using large bullnose paper clips the pad can be easily placed on most areas. Simply clip the pad in place under your clothing or the under the dog/horse’s rug.

Susan Poole BPE MEd Exercise Physiologist

Susan Poole BPE MEd

Exercise Physiologist