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Red Light Therapy Kits is dedicated “All Australian” company, doing business for more then 10 years.

Meet the face behind the brand

Susan Poole, BPE MEd

Through personal injury experience I've became motivated to design a range of LED Therapy products to help both the home user and professional in the rehabilitation of injuries. Products designed by Red Light Therapy Kits are 100% safe to use on both humans and animals.


Years of experience as Exercise Physiologist


Australian made products

Founder and director of Red Light Therapy Kits, Susan completed a degree in Physical Education and a Masters Degree in Education through the University of Western Australia. Previous to her involvement with horses Susan operated her own physical rehabilitation business specializing in lower back injuries. Through the 1990’s she was head Exercise Physiologist at the University of Western Australia’s, Functional Rehabilitation Clinic.

In the early 2000’s Sue moved into the area of performance horses where she taught and competed in show jumping at state level. Today she continues to ride at a recreational level now that her time is primarily spent on developing the red light therapy business.

The Red Light Therapy pads are an essential part of our equine management program. We wouldn’t be without them.

Megan JonesOlympian

The Red Light Therapy Wrap is an integral part of our daily management program. Used before and after work on my horses and myself, the benefits speak for themselves.

Hayley BeresfordOlympian

Carrying as many injuries as I do, the pain and lack of suppleness in my body is a seriously limiting factor to my horses performance. Since using red light therapy on myself prior to getting on my horses, my marks have improved as I am no longer riding though pain.

Sonya JohnsonOlympic Silver Medalist

It gets such a work out between myself, my old cat who has major hock damage – (she loves it), the dog with hip issues, and myself for all sorts of variety of body pain (joys of fibromyalgia) plus chest pain when I get really sick.

Bec FlavelLove my pad!

I bought it for my eventing horse but use it more on myself. It was a great help on my hip recently after a hip replacement.

L QuartermaineBest thing I’ve ever bought

I've just spent a week in hospital with serious complications from a heart procedure. My pad came along with me and stabilised so many issues. It was great to see nurses, and even some doctors, were really interested in what I used it for.

Robyn RHeart Procedure

So good, I used mine in hospital after my c section and so many nurses and my OB were impressed. Best therapy product available!

Z LamberthBest therapy product available
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How the Equine Therapy Wrap was born

The story begins when our own show jumping horse “Javelin” had a slip on landing and sustained a lesion in his medial suspensory ligament.

Through treatment with the Red Light Therapy Wrap he healed in remarkable time (the treating veterinarian stated “whatever you are doing keep doing it as this is a remarkable rate of recovery”). This horse got back to jumping 1.30m and stayed 100% sound for the rest of his career.

During his term of recovery I also sustained a severe injury from a skiing accident. The diagnosis was a ruptured the anterior cruciate ligament, sustained grade 3 tears to the medial collateral ligament, grade 2 tears to the lateral collateral ligament, bruising on the tibial plateau, and tearing of the gastrocnemius & semimembranosus tendon.

After consulting an orthopaedic surgeon I undertook the non-surgical option. Within 3 months I was successfully back on the horse, within 12 months the knee was essentially back to its original full strength and flexibility.

Yes – I followed correct treatment protocol of bracing the leg for 6 weeks, controlled stretching and strengthening work when time appropriate for such an injury – but I also relied heavily on the Red Light Therapy Wrap. The pad was applied twice daily for between 20 to 30 minutes each session.

So – nothing like a bit of first-hand experience to put products to the test!

Our research is continuous – as are the results and testimonials. As technology develops – so do our products.

Enjoy the results of our labour & love of animals, and yourself!

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