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The amazing healing power of light

Enhanced performance and rehabilitation


Live a life free of pain

Effective pain management solution with easy & versatile application.


Enhanced performance & rehabilitation

Painless, non invasive therapy solution for the sport horse

Red Light Therapy


Red LED Light Therapy is the application of particular wavelengths of red and infrared light (660nm and 830nm) to bring about a desired healing response. Also labelled “cold laser” or “low level laser” LLLT. The therapeutic effects of light therapy is consistent across both humans and animals.

How Red Light Therapy works?
Safe, fast and effective therapy solution


There are over 4000 published medical studies detailing the effect of light therapy on a multitude of conditions – ranging from osteoarthritis, inflammation, tendon lesions, nerve regeneration, peripheral neuropathy, bacterial infections, non-healing wounds, anxiety, insomnia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease, sports performance and exercise recovery. More recently has seen the positive influence light therapy has on gut microbiome.

Red light therapy treatment for osteoarthritis, inflammation, tendon lesions, nerve regeneration

Osteoarthritis, tendon lesions, nerve regeneration

Red light therapy treatment of inflammation, bacterial and viral infections


Red light therapy treatment of non-healing wounds, bacterial and viral infections

Bacterial and viral infections

Red light therapy helps improve sports performance and expedite exercise recovery

Sports performance and exercise recovery

The beauty of our light therapy pads is that they are 100% safe for general use, fully wearable, highly versatile for a multitude of purposes, have the option of battery operation and are multifunctional for both human and animal use.


Our pads are widely used by Olympians, veterans, therapists, invalids, doctors, trainers - all having experienced the benefit of this therapy.

Australian made Red Light Therapy Kits

We are proud to say the pads are 100% designed and manufactured in Australia.


Our red light pads are unique in their robust internal design & flexibility making them the number one choice for use on horses. They are used extensively on top performance horses both in the racing and Olympic equine disciplines.

Australian made Red Light Therapy Kits

We are proud to say the pads are 100% designed and manufactured in Australia.


Because dogs have faster metabolic rates than humans, are smaller in size and “live in the moment” their response to LED light therapy is generally faster than their human counterparts!

Australian made Red Light Therapy Kits

We are proud to say the pads are 100% designed and manufactured in Australia.

Red Light Therapy Kits

Users are saying …

The Red Light Therapy pads are an essential part of our equine management program. We wouldn’t be without them

Megan JonesOlympian

The Red Light Therapy Wrap is an integral part of our daily management program. Used before and after work on my […]

Hayley BeresfordOlympian

Carrying as many injuries as I do, the pain and lack of suppleness in my body is a seriously limiting […]

Sonya JohnsonOlympic Silver Medalist

Red Light Therapy is one of the safest therapy programs in practice that is non-invasive. It is extremely beneficial in […]

Sharon May-Davis B.App.Sc.(Equine), M.App.Sc., ACHM, EBW, EMR, ECSRBiomechanics Professional
Based on 53 reviews
Queena lee
Queena lee
Got a premium size for my golden retriever Harry , he is suffering from osteoarthritis . He absolutely loving it . End up I love it too . Sue is very friendly and answering all my questions. Highly recommended
Tania Davies
Tania Davies
I have been impressed on all levels with this company and their products. The delivery was fast, instructions very clear and the personal touch has been welcomed. I would highly recommend purchasing from this Australian company.
I have been using my red light pad for years now. I use it every day it keeps my niggles at bay and has helped me to continue to complete in Ironman at 46 years of age (3.8km swim, 180km bike 42km run) with my most recent being at the World Championship in Kona October 2023. I use it all over my body and its also brilliant for period cramps. Its also very good for travelling as you can plug it into your car and use it whilst on the move. I would highly recommend it to anyone its fantastic. Thanks Sue your a champ :-)
Tim Newick
Tim Newick
Cracka service and an awesome product, ya gotta get one, for any ailments ya got. Bought it for my knee, now the wife steals it off me for her aches and pains.
francesca elischer
francesca elischer
Honestly don't go anywhere without mine. I absolutely love it! And the service is great too. Can't recommend highly enough.
Guy Ridge
Guy Ridge
I use the red light therapy mat after footy training and games, its great for recovery!
Eileen Ridge
Eileen Ridge
I have loved my Red light pad for many years, I use it daily. I lay it on my chest to avoid coughs and colds before sleep, and on any ache/pain I have, mainly neck and shoulder from dog handling! Such a fantastic, simple and effective tool for self care. Thank you!
Lou Davies
Lou Davies
Thank you soooo much Sue. I have been suffering from bursitis and a frozen shoulder for 3 years, wake up in the middle of the night in pain, reach for my red light pad and ahhhhhh. Works instantly. Back to sleep. No medications. Then it's the impinged hip.. and... on it goes. Not only that, my family gets the red light Therapy and that makes me the best mum in the world.😁 I'm in love with this product. Thank you Red Light Therapy thank you Sue.
B Jones
B Jones
I absolutely love these products!!! I own Connect the Unicorn LLC, and use especially my poll cap in every treatment. The benefits are extraordinary! Sue is a absute joy to work with, the customer care and service is outstanding and in in the US!

About us

Founder and director of Red Light Therapy Kits, Susan completed a degree in Physical Education and a Masters Degree in Education through the University of Western Australia.

Previous to her involvement with horses Susan operated her own physical rehabilitation business specializing in lower back injuries. Through the 1990’s she was head Exercise Physiologist at the University of Western Australia’s, Functional Rehabilitation Clinic.

In the early 2000’s Sue moved into the area of performance horses where she taught and competed in show jumping at state level.  Today she continues to ride at a recreational level now that her time is primarily spent on developing the red light therapy business.

Susan Poole BPE MEd Exercise Physiologist

Susan Poole BPE MEd

Exercise Physiologist